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Winsham's " At-a Glance' Calendar of Christmas Festivities for 2023
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November is a big fund raising month for 1st Responders
Please Support-Help needed with raffle prizes!
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 Thank you to all who signed the recent petition asking Somerset Council to support the use of buses in the county by providing funding to the same extent as other local authorities in the West Country. I posted the forms at the end of last month and I am pleased to say that we had 132 signatures.


I would also like to thank Lavinia for her excellent work (or should I say bullying?) in persuading villagers to sign the petition.


They made it! Winsham to Santiago de Compostela- follow the full and remarkable story of this intrepid 1500 mile bike ride by two of Winsham's senior citizens-Judith and Simon Hill

Our intrepid travellers are on the move again! Judith and Simon Hill are doing another epic bike ride, this time across Europe, starting at Calais and journeying through France on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela - a return journey of about 2000 miles.
Over the years they have thrilled us with their travels in Nepal, as Voluntary Aid workers,
and a few years back they did the epic Lands End to John 'o' Groats and back journey.
All were involved with charitable work, and this journey is aimed at raising funds for the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

To help us follow Judith and Simon on their travels they are sending back regular reports and pictures of their adventures, as the opportunity arise.
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Unlock the artist within you!
For many reasons some people cannot attend the Winsham Art Club Workshops held on weekday afternoons-work. care of children, etc.
Now is your opportunity to explore your creative and artistic side at minimal cost.
The tutor is Deborah Harris, a retired secondary school Art teacher, whose work is well known throughout the parish-she designed the recent Winsham Shop poster, the replica of Christ the Redeemer statue which featured at the 2016 Winsham Street Fair 'Let's celebrate Rio', and the soon to be seen the new livery for the Winsham E-Letter.

Evening Art Workshops in Winsham- (Click HERE for details)

Christmas Card Lino Print Workshop-(Click HERE for details)

Clapton & Wayford Film Society

Starting on 7th September 2023  films will be shown each month until April 2024
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Come along and enjoy Short Mat Bowling at the Jubilee Hall
every Friday at 2.00pm
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Thank You!

Many who live in the village will know that Emily White, the nine-year-old  and youngest daughter of Louise and Richard White is having a difficult time at present with her health. It is involving treatments at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and Musgrove Park Hospital.

The village has held a number of fund-raising events to show their appreciation and support for the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, and below is a letter which Louise and Richard have asked to be published, thanking everyone involved for their kindness and generosity.

Emily’s treatment continues, and she is attending Winsham School whenever possible-she loves school! She is displaying tremendous courage. I am sure that all the readers of this note will remember Emily the family in their thoughts in the months ahead.


A message from Louise and Richard White:

Thank you so much to all the people who donated money to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children’s ‘Wrong Trouser Day’ when we gathered at the Jubilee Cafe on 15th June. The total raised there, was £240, plus donations that day, boosting it to £260.

Margaret’s (Long) trip to Teignmouth the day before raised £65, totalling the amount to £325.

Many thanks also to the people who have donated on-line, which overall, at the time of writing, has reached £1,620.

Once again our appreciation and heartfelt thanks are made on behalf of Emily, Ella, Evie, Russ, Mary, Alison and Barbara.

Kindest regards,

Louise and Richard White

For those of you who wish to know more about contributing to the ‘Wrong Trouser Day!’ See the poster below

Two Public Service Notices from Winsham Parish Council

Stamp out recycling fire starters 

Residents are being urged to help end a surge in dangerous fires caused by poorly sorted recycling and rubbish. 

Fire services have joined Somerset Council and its collections contractor SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK in asking for people to take more care or risk sparking dangerous and potentially deadly blazes.

 In the last two years more than ten depot and truck fires are thought to have been caused by people putting batteries, gas canisters or still warm disposable barbeques in their waste.

 And the risk is on the rise - with three fires sparked in Somerset recycling depots in the last month.

 In the last two weeks of May alone, vigilant crews have pulled more than 200 potentially explosive camping gas canisters out of household recycling. But some inevitably sneak through to the sorting process.

 Batteries and gas canisters can ignite when crushed in the back of recycling trucks or as part of the sorting process in the Material Recovery Facilities at the Evercreech and Taunton depots.

 Disposable barbeques put into refuse bins without being fully soaked and extinguished can retain heat, smoulder and cause fires in truck and when tipped back at the depot.

Fires cause damage and put lives at risk, and as the weather warms up Somerset Council and SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK are calling on residents to please do the right thing with these potentially dangerous items.


What should you do?

  • Small household batteries - can be recycled in weekly kerbside collections but must be put in a clear, tied plastic bag put on the top of the recycling box. They must not be left loose in recycling boxes, put in the Bright Blue Bag or in the rubbish bin.
  • Large batteries, such as car batteries, cannot be recycled at the kerbside and should be taken to your local recycling site.
  • Small household batteries and electricals can also be taken to recycling sites, always check with team on-site for the correct area to put these.
  • Small gas canisters - like those used in camping stoves are not recyclable in kerbside collections and must not be put in the rubbish bin. They must be taken to your local household recycling site. Always check with team on-site for the correct area to put these. 
  • Disposable barbecues – should be fully immersed in water and left to cool completely before putting into your refuse bin.


For more information visit Somerset Council’s safety pages.


Winsham Community Club
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Enjoy Short Mat bowling at the Jubilee Hall- a club  formed

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