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Positive finding of Asian Hornet in North Somerset.
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Winsham Community Shop and 'The Bell'

As you may know The Bell, our only remaining Public House in the village, is up for sale, as Tony and Terri look to retire to their new home in Winsham. We, on the Shop Management Committee, together with the support of our Parish Council believe that there is a fantastic opportunity to buy the pub in a similar way when back in 2002 the village got behind the purchase of our community shop . 

Our community shop is now its 15 year of successful trading thanks to your support as customers, shareholders, volunteers and to our great team of staff.    

There is a lot of investigation currently going on before we fully understand if this is something that  is possible and that you the village want and will support. 

This is the first of our updates to get you involved as the investigation progresses  

  • Friday 16th December - Winsham Shop Annual General Meeting - All shop shareholders are invited to hear how plans are progressing to buy the pub and  where shop fits into this 
  • Early January - Village survey about the pub - your chance to tell us what you think 
  • End January (date tbc) - Open village gathering for all those interested to hear plans and get involved 

Through the above meetings and communications everyone who is interested will have the chance to get involved as we know that there will be lots of questions .If there any immediate questions or you want to get involved in making this project happen and have some relevant expertise to contribute to this project then please contact Paula Bramley Ball via email:

 In the meantime anyone wishing to become a shop shareholder please pick up an application form in the shop .

 Winsham Shop Management Committee  


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