Enjoy Short Mat bowling at the Jubilee Hall.

After six months the club is going well, although the Friday evening session has been discontinued due to lack of support
. The Friday afternoon session will continue between 2.00 and 4.00pm
There is a £20 annual membership fee, and a charge per session of £3.00. Should a non-member wish to play, the session fee will be £6.00


To generate interest in Short-Mat Bowling in the parish, a well-wisher has donated a cup for a club competition, to be played for each year.
The finals of the first competition were played on May 5th 2023 at 7pm, the eve of the King's Coronation, at the Jubilee Hall.
The two finalists were Steve Weller and John Sullivan.
The match was finally won by John Sullivan, by one shot, after an extra end.

The annual membership subscription will include registration with Somerset Short Mat Bowls Association and English Short Mat Bowls Association which we will be affiliated to, this would give individual injury insurance while carrying out anything involving short mat bowling.

The advice given by our coaches over the weekend was to begin by enjoying ourselves playing and socialising and to just get comfortable with bowling on the short mat and then further down the line when we think we are ready to arrange some friendly meetings with other clubs, we can then progress if we so wish to joining leagues within the Somerset area.

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Chloe Besley quickly gets the
idea of delivering the bowl under some expert guidance.


Skilled guidance for beginners. All ages welcome.

Enjoy Short Mat bowling at the Jubilee Hall. Below is some extra information people who are considering taking part.

Winsham residents who have played lawn bowls or viewed the game on TV, now have the chance to play Short Mat Bowling at the Jubilee Hall. Our main hall is the ideal place for people of any age or physical ability to enjoy this fascinating game of skill, which offers competitive but gentle physical exercise, in warm, pleasant surroundings, with congenial company. The only equipment needed to start playing is shoes with soft soles. Young or old, beginner or experienced, you can be sure of having a good time.

Short Mat bowling is very similar to the game that is played outdoors, or on full size indoor bowling rink. The only major difference is that there is a block of wood placed in the centre of the playing surface to prevent the use of ‘firing’ woods-those shots delivered with force to overcome the bias on the bowl, sometimes used in the ‘big game’. This is not practical in a limited space such as a village hall.

Click on the YouTube link below, to see a game in progress, and you can find out more about the actual rules of the game by clicking on the .pdf link HERE.