Registered Charity number: 234867

The Charity of Sir Matthew Holworthy was founded by will in or before the year 1680.

The Charity of John Weadon was also founded by will on the 26th of March 1866. The two were merged into Winsham United Charities on the 26th of February, 1912.

The Holworthy charity was originally for apprenticeships and enabled trustees ‘to make

awards to boys and girls resident in the Parish of Winsham who show 'real academic and

 technical ability.

Winsham United Charities are now able to consider grant requests of between £20 and £200, from young people living in the Parish of Winsham, for help with the costs of: equipment; tuition; events; activities; and travel expenses.

Should you wish to apply to the Winsham United Charities for support you may either:

·       Complete the Application Form (click HERE) and email it to:



·       Download a copy of the Application Form and send it to - The Trustees WUC, c/o

The Clerk to the Parish Council, Jubilee Hall, Church Street, Winsham, Chard,

Somerset, TA20 4HU.

·       Write a letter or an e-mail, providing all the information requested in the Application Form, using either the postal address or e-mail address above.