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Winsham Parish Council have a vacancy for a councillor to be filled by co-option

 Anyone interested in serving the community in this way and wants to become a candidate for co-option should contact the clerk or chairman as soon as possible.

Clerk: Rose Richards, Email:  Tel: Office - 01460 30441 (only part time but a message can be left)

Chairman: Stuart Davie, Email:

Temporary Closure along Station Road, nr Chard Junction,
from 24th August for three days
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Temporary Closure of Crewkerne Road from 24th July for 36 days
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Winsham, for the first time in some forty years now has an elected parish council . The poll took place on May 2nd, when the residents of Winsham voted at the same time for their District Councillor, Sue Osborn.
At their first meeting as a council, the AGM, held on Wednesday, 9th May, at the Jubilee Hall, the new council elected Cllr. Stuart Davie as their Chairman. This meeting was also attended by Rose Richards , the newly appointed Parish Clerk, and Teresa Pinder, who has been Parish Clerk since 2013,  who is now retiring.

Henk Beentje

Dave Checkley

 Stuart Davie (Chairman)

Jim Everard

Keith Fowler

Judith Hill

Sarah Love

Diane Wallbridge

Steve Weller

Rose Richards (Parish Clerk)
...and now to work!

The new Chairman (Stuart Davie) and Parish Clerk (Rose Richards)


Parish Councillor resigns
Many will be sorry to hear that Diana Wallbridge has tendered her resignation from the Parish Council, as she is moving home to Devon. Diana has been a councillor for a good many years, always making a positive contribution, with a great knowledge of many aspects of  parish life.
No doubt we will be hearing from the parish council about the steps that they will be taking to fill the vacancy. Watch this space.


“You have a choice”, says local Adoption charity as numbers of potential adopters fall in Somerset.
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Can you help disadvantaged children?
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Latest Somerset Waste Partnership Briefing ( April 2019)

Recycling & Refuse Collections-Easter, May and August Bank Holidays



Water Pollution in Somerset can result in substantial fines
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New Traffic and Travel
 Website run in conjunction with Somerset County Council


How Safe Is Your Water Supply?

Having a private water supply can be a real boon. Cheaper than mains water, control over chemical additives and often with better pressure, a private supply is also not subject to imposed drought restrictions. Many farms, businesses and homes rely on a private supply either through preference or practicality. Indeed, the South West has around one third of all the private supplies in England. Cool, fresh and delicious - spring water on tap can be one of the perks of rural living.

The quality of private water supplies, however, can be extremely variable. It’s vital to ensure the safety of your supply for yourself, your guests, livestock or customers. In fact, it’s a legal requirement if you run a commercial activity where you supply water to your customers, such as a campsite, B&B or rental property. Owners can help safeguard their supplies by protecting from contamination by livestock and other hazards, installing treatment apparatus, and making sure the water is stored and distributed safely before use.

Private water supplies often pose a health risk because they are not managed or tested in the same way as public supplies. Common problems include bacteria, heavy metals such as iron, manganese, aluminium, lead and arsenic, as well as nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and other minerals. Sometimes the contamination may affect the appearance, taste or smell of the water but it is often not obvious. The best way to be sure your supply is fit for use is to have regular testing carried out.

Professional testing should include metals such as iron, zinc, lead, nickel and copper that may result from deteriorating pipework or other sources. It should also report on chemical levels from disinfection products. The key benefit of engaging a reputable professional laboratory is that they can provide microbiological testing which will identify health hazards such as E.coli. Not all labs offer this service, so always check what is included when choosing a company. It is highly recommended that a laboratory accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is used rather than internet testing kits which are very unreliable and often give misleading results.

Somerset Scientific Services, part of Somerset County Council, have been supplying impartial advice and testing for over 50 years. Contact them for information or a quote for a comprehensive UKAS accredited testing package.  - 01823 355906 -

A really great innovation- See the Twitter frame on the Home Page of the Parish Council Web Site-a really rapid way to keep track of the items of news that relate to how local authority, etc. issues relate to Winsham and our surrounding area. Click HERE


The official Winsham Parish Council  Web Site carries a great deal of information that is relevant to its day-to-day operation, and can be accessed on www.winshamparishcouncil.  Access  to the various sections of the site can be reached by left clicking on the relevant buttons below.

Quick links to sections of the Parish Council Web Site
COMMUNITY Notices and announcements, including information about grant sources and courses, local initiatives and projects bb1
MAKE IT BETTER Practical advice about being a better neighbour and reconciling conflict. Information links relating to parking, noise, pets, etc. bb2
YOUR PARISH COUNCIL DOES FOR YOU What your Parish Council does for you. Contact links to other levels of government, including your County and District Councillors and Member of Parliament bb3
WINSHAM CEMETERY Details of cemetery regulations, charges and cemetery plots map. bb4
PARISH COUNCILLORS Details of Winsham Parish Council bb5
ACCOUNTS Details of Accounts bb6
ASSETS Assets register bb7
DOCUMENTS Details of Statutory Documents available for on-line inspection bb8
MEETINGS Copies of Agenda and Minutes of Meetings bb9
CONTACT INFORMATION How to contact the Parish Council bb10
PARISH SURVEY 2013 A major survey on many aspects of parish life-all households-60%response bb11
PARISH PLAN 2014 The Parish Plan evolved from the 2013 Parish Survey and is now a major factor in parish council decisions bb12



WINSHAM PARISH COUNCIL was formed in 1894. It's meetings have been held in the Jubilee Hall since that time. If you are interested in the Council's history, including the records of every meeting since it started , together with lots of other information, click on the button below.

Winsham Parish Council has nine members, all of whom live within the parish
or within 3miles of the boundary. Membership is by election or co-option.
A new Parish Council is formed every four years.

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