With Covid -19 still with us, and Lockdown 3 creating more, if enforced and sedentary leisure time, Winsham Parish Council has agreed to sponsor a sequel to the competition  that was so popular last Spring.

The New Grand Winsham Challenge 2021 has some similarities with its predecessor, but it also has many differences. It is Winsham village and parish orientated, it has  challenging creative projects, and it has a very special quiz.


There are four ‘creative’ elements, plus a Quiz:


Write a short story-in any genre, not more than 5,000 words, featuring no less than two of the following locations in the parish of Winsham:

St. Stephen’s, Winsham Shop and Post Office, Jubilee Hall, Upper or Lower Recreation Grounds, The Bell.


Take a photograph, or create a piece of artwork, using any medium or material to hand, that captures the spirit or ethos of ‘Lockdown’


Write a pangram* or write a poem of not more than 500 words expressing your thoughts on any aspect of life in Lockdown, ideally centred on life in  Winsham using any poetry style you wish.


This quiz covers many aspects of the history of the parish of Winsham, but also encompasses questions about the present, and the recent past. It has, for convenience, seven topic sections:

Winsham Shop, Businesses & Farming; School ,Church & Chapel; Winsham Parish Council; The  local ‘Estates’, Jubilee Hall, buildings and structures; Winsham at Play, the ‘Winsham Players’ and Winsham people; Nature & ‘Spot the place’; Dingbats.Greenwood Tree

As its name implies this element of the Challenge is not intended to be easy-but it is intended to be interesting and fun. Research among the Parish Web sites will provide or give clues to many of the answers. In doing this many interesting aspects of life in Winsham over the years will be revealed.

The person with the most correct answers will be will be named as ‘WINSHAM’S BRAIN BOX 2021’ and will receive a certificate to that effect from Winsham Parish Council. Winners of the other categories will also receive framed certificates.

Judging will be carried out by an independent panel of judges, who will not know the names of the entrants. Their decision will be final.

The Quiz questions can only be viewed from the Quiz web page- Click HERE. Your answers need to be listed on the Answer Sheet  form that you can download by Clicking HERE.
After downloading it will need to be printed out  in order to enter the Quiz section of the competition. If this cannot be done, for any reason, send an e- mail to :, with your address details, and a hard copy will be sent to you. Then follow the instructions for entry, as detailed below:

Complete the Answer Form  in black ink , in the spaces provided, making sure that your answers go in the correct place! When you have finished the quiz, scan and then e-mail the form to:, following the instructions given below for the other competition categories.

If unable to scan, enabling it to be sent by e-mail, send your Answer Form to The Parish Clerk, Winsham Parish Council, C/O Jubilee Hall, Church Street, Winsham, Chard TA20 4HU.Mark the envelope Grand Challenge 2021.
Alternatively , it can be placed in the Parish Council Post Box, situated on the wall near the rear gate.

 For guidance and additional information scroll down to the bottom of this page



The competition is open to anyone living in the parish of Winsham.

When submitting an entry-and this can only be done by e- mail, please provide  name, address, and phone number. 

You can enter as many categories as you like, and you can put in multiple entries. Please make your entry when you are satisfied with it - do not leave it to the last moment-you can make further entries later if you wish. No charge for entries. The more the merrier!

A small panel of judges, all located outside the parish, will agree the winner of each category, with the exception of the ‘Quiz’ section, which will be checked against the correct answers by a separate invigilator.  Judges will not know the name of the entrant when judging so please do not place your name on the entry, only on the application e-mail,  as instructed below. The names of the judging panel will be announced on the Parish Web site nearer the closing dates for the competition.


Entries should be submitted digitally between 1st February  and 30th April 2021 to  Please head your entry e-mail, in the 'Subject' area ‘New Grand

 Challenge 2021’, followed by name of the category to which the entry relates e.g Quiz or ‘Short Story’.  Then

 attach the file you are entering using 'Attachment'. Then include your name, address, and telephone number in

 the body of the e-mail. 
There are no age limits for entries, or the number of entries that individuals can make.

If , as is hoped, you enter for more than one category, please use a separate entry e-mail for each category you are entering for.


The format for all pictures and photographs is  jpg. and included as attachments-not as 'copy and paste' items on the application e-mail .

Written entries should be made saved as .pdf documents.  They should be submitted as attachments to your e-mail entry, and not copied onto the carrier email.

Judges may ask to see finalists’ entries in  Craft category.

Category winners will each receive a Certificate, and winners will be announced on the Parish Web Site. Names of Winners are expected to be announced within four weeks of the closing date.

Condition of entry is that while ownership of copyright remains with the person submitting the entry, Winsham Parish Council and its agents can make copies and publish pictures of entries for publicity purposes and general interest.

Have a go - it's a bit of fun!

Click HERE to visit the QUIZ area

 Some additional guidance :

This competition is sponsored by Winsham Parish Council


A pangram, for the purposes of this competition is a poem where each word is  in alphabetical order


See this example:

Another Bloomin' Closedown. Despondent. Educational Fun Gone. Hoping Injections Just Keep Levels Manageable. Next Option? Pray. Quite Rightly, Sit Tight. Understandably Wistful. 'Xamination Yield? Zero. 

 Got the idea? Its easy and fun. You can put in more than one entry, as a group. The judges will select the best one!



This quiz is not intended to be easy. However, answers to some of the questions are to be found on the Winsham Web Museum, and The Winsham Parish Council Web site, or Winsham Parish Web site. The search for the answers is intended to be part of the fun of entering the quiz.

It is not expected that anyone will  get every question right. Some questions  will be easier to answer for older people, other by younger ones and residents who have just joined our community.

It is all just a bit of fun to brighten the long Winter and Lockdown Days.

'Have a go, Joe!' (who said that!!)-Not a Challenge Quiz Question question-Answer: Wilfred Pickles-'Have a Go' Radio Quiz (c.1945)