25 years of inter-village co-operation.

The Joint Parish Magazine has served the Cricket St. Thomas, Thorncombe and Winsham parishes for some twenty five years. From a humble start- a few sheets of text produced by a 'Roneo' machine, and stapled together, it was originally, exclusively, a church magazine. It is still a magazine that provides  the news about the parish church congregations, Church Service details, and a regular Pastoral Letter from one of the Benefice team.
As the years went by, the Magazine's contents  gradually widened in scope to promote and report on other aspects of village life. As a consequence its circulation increased steadily to the current situation where 470 copies are printed and distributed each month.
The size of the Magazine varies , depending on the amount of news and articles sent in for publication. It always carries a minimum of twelve pages of editorial, and has, on occasions, has increased to twenty four pages  of text and colour pictures. Several times during the year, the magazine carries several pages of colour pictures of village events. Page size is A4.It also carries thirteen pages of advertising .
The magazine is managed  by a small group of volunteers, operating under a Constitution drawn up some ten years ago. They include Tim Price, the Rector of the Two Shires Benefice, Mary Pye, Treasurer, Jenny Clampett, Editor,  Sandy Wells who manages distribution. Other members of the committee are editorial helpers. At the Annual General Meeting any resident of the three Parishes can put themselves forward for membership of this Committee.
Financially, the Magazine operates on a 'not for profit' basis. On an annual basis  the magazine plans to 'break even'. Out of pocket expenses are met for those helpers who incur them, but  the only regular expenditure is the monthly printing cost. Occasionally,  help is given to editorial volunteers with the cost of  computer equipment or software essential for the running of the magazine.
The regular monthly commitment made by the Editor and helpers to the Magazine is arduous. Preparation of the magazine making it ready for printing takes about a week of ongoing effort.
A monthly commitment is also made by the thirty or so volunteer distributors who deliver copies of the magazine to the subscribers. These are coordinated by Sandy Wells (Winsham) and Sue Willoughby ( Thorncombe) in cooperation with the Parish Churches. A small number of magazines are sold in the village shops, 'The Bell' and  the Churches.
The Joint Parish magazine has a cover price of 45p, but some 90% of its circulation is based on an annual subscription of 5.40 pa., renewed each year in January.
In addition to editorial pages, the magazine  carries twelve pages of advertising, differentiated from text pages by the yellow paper upon which they are printed.

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Articles on all subjects relating to village life are welcome. The magazines Constitution requires that the editorial style should be Christian, politically neutral, entertaining and avoid controversial subjects as far as possible. Items submitted must be attributable, and if the person submitting the item is not the author, a written and specific  permission signed by the author or copyright owner must accompany it. This also applies to photographs or other art works.
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Market Place is a web edition of advertising in the Joint Parish Magazine that is available on the Winsham Parish Web Site. It is supplementary to the advertising opportunities provided by the Joint Parish Magazine, and covers only a limited part of the area covered by the Magazine. It can however offer  the benefit of providing links to your web site. If you would like to know more, please click HERE


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