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This free service is provided by a network of community optometrists covering every corner of the county and is available to people who are registered to a GP in the Somerset NHS area.

The medical eye conditions which can be assessed and treated under the ACES scheme include:

       Flashing lights or floaters in one or both eyes

       Red eyes and/or eye lids

       Pain in and/or around the eyes and temples

       Mild trauma, scratches or foreign bodies

       Sudden reduction in vision

       Sudden onset of double vision

 Eye disorders which are NOT eligible for ACES include significant trauma, chemical injuries or sudden loss of vision, all of which require emergency assessment by a hospital eye specialist via A&E.  Additionally, conditions which are already being treated by an eye clinic, such as cataract or glaucoma, are also excluded from the service.

 ACES is available at the following Robert Frith Optometrists practices:

               36 Fore Street, Chard                              01460 67771 

               4 Market Street, Crewkerne                01460 72964

               18 Princes Street, Yeovil                       01935 478463



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