27th October 2023


Please see the attached document for tips on staying safe this Halloween, along with a link to some posters to print out and put in your window.


There has been an increase in theft from / of vans, particularly Ford Transit vans in your area. Our intelligence has highlighted these mostly occur during the early hours between 1am and 3am but are not exclusive to these times.

We are again sharing crime prevention material (attached) which we ask everyone to share and read. It is imperative that any victims report their incident either through 101 or the online reporting method below.

If you do make a report online, please include the following details:

Make & Model of Vehicle.

How the offenders gained access.

Any other details you feel may be relevant.

Report on 101 Or online at:


Help defeat Phishing E-Mails and Texts

Follow the link below- learn how to protect yourself in a couple of minutes

August 22nd

Please take a moment to read the attached advice from our Fraud Protect Team on Investment Fraud.

If someone contacts you with an investment opportunity that seems too good to be true… it is. Although investing can be a successful way of making money, it has resulted in many people losing their entire life savings. Fraudsters will persuade you to invest in all kinds of products, offering high rates of return, which often do not exist. It can be extremely difficult to tell a genuine investment opportunity apart from a fraudulent one – even for experienced investors.

Fraudsters are organised and convincing, and you may even see some initial small returns on an investment as an incentive to put a much larger amount of your money in. Requests to cash out will be met with excuses and demands for various fees to be paid. There will always be “just one more payment” needed to receive your money. They often have professional looking websites, glossy marketing materials and prestigious addresses in London to make you feel assured that they are legitimate.

Criminals can even be aware of the investments you hold, or have previously held, and they may make reference to these or target you with similar schemes. They may offer to “recover” funds you have lost in a previous investment. The same criminals may target you again, hiding behind a new identity.


• Genuine investment companies will not cold call you – always be wary of any unexpected calls.

• Research the company and the offer that they have made to you – contact Trading Standards if you have concerns and seek independent financial advice before committing to any investment.

• Before you invest anywhere, check with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) register to see if the firm or individual you are dealing with are authorised (

• Check the FCA Warning List of firms to avoid.

• The FCA also provide a ScamSmart test which can help you check if an investment is potentially a scam.

Whilst the above measures are useful, please also be aware of ‘clone firm’ investment scams, where fraudsters imitate real-life companies. ‘Clone firms’ are set up by fraudsters using the same details as real companies authorised by the FCA, making it even more difficult to establish whether or not a firm is genuine.

If you use the internet, it is also worth being aware of fraudulent cryptocurrency investments which often present themselves on social platforms. Never assume anything you are offered online is real. Criminals can even use technology to make it look legitimate, showing trusted personalities/celebrities supposedly endorsing their investment opportunities.

Don’t be pressured into making any quick decisions.

Always seek independent financial advice.

Question whether an investment company would call you out of the blue.



8th June





Dear Coordinators,

Please see the attached PDF file relating to OP Scorpion.

"Spotting the Signs" of Cannabis Cultivation and Modern Slavery.





3rd April


A workshop was broken into overnight on the 29th in Dinnington, Hinton St. George. A window was forced to gain entry and once inside specialist equipment was stolen before the offender made off, most likely by forcing a door to exit.

Any information, CCTV images, please contact the Police on 101 quoting reference number: 5223099916 stating NHW. Or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Thank you for your support.






28th April


“We have lots of ways we can keep people safe in their homes. I’m proud of the work we do but will always wish there weren’t so many people who need our support to be safe.”

Be Home Safe technician Richard (Attached)

Our Be Home Safe team help people who are victims of crime or harassment to feel, and be, safer in their homes.

Based across Avon and Somerset, our seven Be Home Safe technicians are skilled carpenters and locksmiths who are also fully trained in crime prevention. They provide support to people who have experienced crimes such as burglary, domestic abuse, harassment, hate crime and anti-social behaviour.

Their expert knowledge and experience of practical crime reduction measures enables them to carry out assessments, fit new locks and window security, reinforce doors, and fit anti-arson products for people who are at risk of harm. They also provide crime prevention advice and support to victims during their visit. This can include signposting to support services, reassurance following the incident and sometimes being the initial contact support following a report to police.

Last year, our Be Home Safe technicians helped more than 1,400 people feel safer in their homes.

“Our service places the needs of the individual at its heart. We assess the situation of each person and offer advice, support, or crime prevention devices to keep them safe.

“We help people who have been victims of a number of different crimes. At the moment, a large proportion of our referrals are supporting domestic abuse victims – keeping them safe is our priority.”

Police Sergeant Daniel Crawford

“We help families affected by domestic abuse stay in their homes by making them safe and secure. Our work means they don’t need to go into emergency accommodation, or move away from their children’s school, friends, and support networks.”


The team regularly receive great feedback on the impact of the work they do. A friend of someone who was supported recently contacted the team to say:

“You were absolutely amazing; you made all the difference in making her feel safer… you were kind and compassionate and went above and beyond to help her.”

The Be Home Safe Scheme is provided to people who have been victims of crime across Avon and Somerset, with support from the Police Community Trust. Referrals are made by our officers and staff.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be referred please speak to your local neighbourhood policing team Be Home Safe Scheme | Avon and Somerset Police





25th April 2023

This week (24 – 28 April) marks National Stalking Awareness Week, a campaign run by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to raise awareness of the issue of stalking and the importance of personal safety.

Please see the attached document for more information.

Kind regards

Paul Johnson

NHW Admin

Somerset Areas


17th April

Motorbikes, mopeds and other two-wheeled vehicles are popular targets for thieves across the Avon and Somerset policing area.

Some of these vehicles are stolen to order and are targeted by criminals but many others are stolen by so-called joy riders who dump the bikes when seen by police or when it runs out of fuel or breaks down and are often found with severe damage or burnt out.

The attached document gives you tips on how to reduce the risk of your motorbike being stolen.


12th April 2023

We’ve received numerous reports of people trying car doors across the Avon & Somerset policing area recently. Thieves are always looking out for unlocked vehicles and items to steal and are finding easy pickings everywhere. Many things can distract you from locking your vehicle – taking care of children, talking to passengers, taking your shopping inside or even the weather if you’re rushing to avoid the rain. Please take a moment to check that you’ve locked your vehicle, try the door handle or check with the key fob if you have remote locking. 

Please take everything out of your vehicle. It’s easy to think that your belongings are safe inside your car because it’s locked, but criminals don’t care about damaging your pride and joy and think nothing of smashing a window to get in. This can cost you far more to fix than losing the few pounds of small change you’ve left in the centre console or glovebox. If you leave a wallet or purse inside, the thieves can use any debit cards for contactless payments, which can cost you hundreds of pounds before you or your bank stop payments.

You can help reduce car crime by taking these simple steps and share this information with every other driver you know.



 4th April 2023


Dear Coordinators / Members,

The UK government’s new Emergency Alerts system is now live. The system will enable people to be contacted via their mobile phone when lives are in danger. It will be used to warn you in the event of emergencies, such as severe flooding. There will be a national test of the UK Emergency Alerts System on Sunday 23 April.

Please see the attached document for more information.




Forty-two people were arrested last week for offences, including drug supply, possession, and trafficking as part of Avon and Somerset Police’s commitment to tackling drug-related crime and violence.

These operations were part of a joint week of action between policing colleagues across the South West targeting those intent on bringing harm into our communities.

Avon and Somerset Police joined forces across the South West with Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire to send a message to criminals that the South West is no place for drugs. Collectively, they seized over £700,000 worth of Class A and B drugs, made 121 arrests for drug-related offences and took 173 weapons off the streets.

Avon and Somerset Police carried out a number of operations targeting drug criminals across the week, resulting in:

• 42 arrests for drug-related offences, including possession, supply, trafficking and drug driving

• 31 warrants executed on properties and people linked to drug supply, including Bridgwater, Taunton, and Bristol

• 16 disruptions related to County Lines

• 30 stop and searches conducted

• £91,970 worth of cash related to drug-crime seized

• £65,200 worth of drugs, including a large amount of cocaine, seized

• 30 weapons seized

Superintendent Steve Kendall, who led Avon and Somerset Police’s response said:

“These results show how seriously we take drug offences in Avon and Somerset. The harm they cause is significant and far reaching. We are determined to ensure that our region is a hostile environment for criminals who bring harm to our communities and prey on vulnerable people for illegal profit.

“Whilst our work tackling these types of crimes and criminals is happening all year round, these weeks of intensified activity with our colleagues across the South West are a good opportunity to send a message to criminals that we do work together to gather intelligence, and we will find you.”

Of the warrants executed, 16 are considered to have potential links to county lines and organised criminal groups, plus exploitation of vulnerable people and ‘cuckooing’ – the process of taking over a vulnerable person’s home to deal drugs from.

One warrant executed in Barton Hill, Bristol saw five men arrested for drug supply offences, linked to the running of a drugs line. All five were charged and remanded in custody to next appear in Bristol Crown Court on Wednesday 26 April.

As well as enforcement activity to tackle those suspected of perpetrating crime, officers also carried out welfare and safeguarding visits on addresses of vulnerable people at risk of drug-related harm or violence and hosted educational visits with local schools, talking to young people and teachers about the risk of drugs, exploitation, and crime.

This operation forms part of the wider work of Avon and Somerset Police in tackling drug-related crime, violence and harm.

If you are concerned about illegal drug crime happening within your communities, or are worried for a young person, friend or family member who may be being exploited, the police are urging people to report it and help them protect those at risk of harm.

You can call 101 or report to Avon and Somerset Police online. If a crime is in progress, always call 999. Alternatively, if you wish to report and remain anonymous, you can contact CrimeStoppers charity on 0800 555 111.


Please be advised of some useful information provided by our Fraud Prevention Team:

This is not new, but we have seen many occurrences recently where people have been defrauded when selling items using Facebook Marketplace.

The victim will advertise an item and the fraudster agrees to buy it. The fraudster then arrives at the victim's address, presenting a fake banking app showing that the payment has been made to the victim. The victim hands over the goods, believing they have been paid, only to realise that they haven't received the money some hours later. If the victim checks their account and questions why the money hasn't yet arrived in their bank, the fraudster will say that it can take a couple of days to show. Intimidation tactics may also be used.

A few tips for using buy and sell sites include:

• Staying on the site when communicating

• Research seller/buyer history

• Use the recommended payment method, or you may not be refunded for any losses to fraud.

• If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is - listen to your instincts

• If you are selling online, be certain that funds have entered your account before handing over/sending goods - fraudsters can send fake emails stating funds have been sent or present a fake payment confirmation when they arrive at your door to collect. Login to your account via the trusted route to check this.


A few moments ago, we received a copy of the attached PDF (Protecting Your Home & Belongings V4) from our Crime Reduction Manager. There are some very useful updates contained within and I would recommend it is worth reading and retaining a copy.

Do please share this as much as possible.

I hope you find this useful.

Kind Regards

Paul Johnson

NHW Admin

Somerset Areas



Nationally over 300,000 bikes are stolen every year.

As many people will receive bikes as Christmas presents, please see the attached document for tips on keeping them safe.