The people of Winsham have a long tradition of supporting and participating in many art forms.  The Winsham Coronation Band  ( and before that the Winsham Drum and Fife Band-dating back to the 1850s) performed for over 100 years, until it  eventually 'ran out of puff' in 2010. Plays and pantomimes written and performed by people living in the parish continue to delight audiences that pack the Jubilee Hall. Winsham Art Club has been active for nearly sixty years, presenting its work at its Annual Exhibition in the autumn of every year.
More recently, under the active leadership, initially, of Carla Sheills and, more recently, with the addition of Eli Hodgson, emphasis has been given to 'Music and Movement', linking music to the physical benefits of exercise for all age groups.
Small children also have the opportunity to participate in
the 'Dancing Dragonflies', combining fun with creative play, dance and music.
There are also Music, Poetry and Acting and Play Reading Groups that have active support.
Keeping track of all these activities can be difficult. The intention of this web page is to provide easy access to information about all these groups.
Simply click on the button alongside the items detailed below, and the link will take you to the latest information available.
'My Ballet' Day Classes give a gentle introduction to strengthen body and mind
Click Here for information about when My Ballet meets up with butterfly conservation. A talk on Thursday, 22nd Nov.
MyBallet Button Evening class of one hour plus  based on barre work to build strength, muscle tone and balance. Ideal for working women
Mature Movers- a weekly activity of fun, gentle exercise and conviviality
art Club Button Winsham Art Club-for all abilities, ages and media-established over sixty years.Holds an Annual Exhibition

                                                    Click Here if you are a member
Musi app button Music Appreciation Group-caters for all (most) tastes! Meets monthly
Winsham Players, Poetry Appreciation and Play Reading Groups


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