Winsham Street Fair 2024

Winsham’s Street Fair has its roots in the 13th century, and even now, seven hundred and  sixty-one years later, Winsham’s 21st Century residents still know that this biennial  celebration is a good day out!

When Athelm , the Bishop of Bath and Wells, awarded the charter, in1262,  to hold an annual

 street fair in Winsham on the 29th June, on the Feast of St. Peter & Paul, did he know what he

 was what he was starting?  

He was later to  become the Archbishop of Canterbury; just a coincidence or was it his reward?

In the 21st Century, we have Winsham Street Fair  celebrated on the last Saturday of June, every

two years.

The  present cycle of Winsham Street Fairs started in 1985, with a theme based on the two

 hundred year’s anniversary of  the Duke of Monmouth’s ‘Pitchfork’ rebellion.  

Each Winsham Street Fair has a different theme.


For 2024 the theme is....

2024 Winsham Street Fair
 Coming soon... week early!
Saturday 22nd June!

Winsham Street Fair  are running two special stalls that will be donating all profits to the charities we are supporting



To view pictures of the seventeen Winsham Street Fairs since1985