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 What's happened to 'flaming June' ?  I am writing this wearing winter woolies and the heating has gone back on!  What a difference to the last couple of months when I was doing this in the garden in shorts and T-shirt!  Today the wind is blowing like crazy, the rain doesn't know which way to fall and the garden has given up on me!


Enough of all that, let's get down to the job in hand - telling you about some great new lines that have arrived in the shop. If you haven't tried the Kallo Rice Cakes yet you are missing out, not only are they gluten free, vegan and celiac friendly they are a really tasty snack and very low in calories. If for no other reason buy them so your children can learn the poem on the back of the packet - we also stock the marmite flavoured ones.


We now sell Coconut Oil - the wonder product - not only is it very healthy to cook with - you can also use it as a moisturiser! (I call that value for money).  The Kettle crisps are continuing to sell well - may be due to me stocking up on them - but have you tried the Lentil, Quinoa and Hummous ones - yummy!  As well as my favourite Border's chocolate ginger biscuits we now have a Border's Family Pack which, if half as good as the chocolate ginger ones, will be exceedingly good.  Do try the Biscolata's (at your peril - you have been warned) one is never enough, crispy outside with a creamy chocolate cream filling - I could eat the whole tin!


Mary Berry is in the building - we are trying three of her salad dressings, so for a quick and easy meal pick up one of the savoury pastry cases, fill with your favourite filling, put a salad together and try one of Mary's dressings (nobody needs to know you didn't make the pastry case or the dressing - just sit back and take the credit!).


You know when you are invited to a friend's for lunch and you want to take a little something but you are not sure what to take - we now have the answer - a Tiptree gift pack of three different marmalades or jams - which would always be very acceptable, as would a bottle of wine of course.


Well if the weather stays like this we wont be selling many sunscreen products…..I'm off to put another sweater on…. it certainly isn't gin and tonic weather!






Winsham Shop and Post Office has an unbroken history of 150 years of service to the people of Winsham. Over this period it has had many different proprietors, but now it is run by the village, for the village. Good value, a wide range of merchandise, local produce and friendly service meets the needs of local residents, whether they are doing their weekly shop or just popping in for a convenience or an ‘emergency’ item.

Many prices match those of the big Supermarkets. Open seven days a week, a tightly managed grocery and convenience store is a major asset to the community.

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