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Winsham Shop and Post Office Newsletter-October 2016

Well October has arrived - will it be an Indian Summer or will we be lighting the fires?

 I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Hinton St George, Broadwindsor and Thorncombe village shops. Gill, Sarah and I spent an afternoon, at the end of August, visiting them and everyone was so helpful, we exchanged a lot of great ideas. It is a real boost to be so supportive of each other. We all share the problem of not having enough volunteers, but somehow we manage to get our shops open. I asked a couple of our volunteers what made them take the plunge:

 Margaret Long has been on board virtually from the very beginning, how she fits it in with everything else that she does I do not know, it just goes to prove the saying "if you need something doing ask a busy person". Margaret has done everything in the shop and what she doesn't know isn't worth knowing, these days you will find her behind the counter. She loves it because it gets her out of the house for a few hours and into a different environment. She meets so many people, knows most of their names and she has seen the kids grow into young adults. A laugh and a chat with everyone is a real tonic for her.

 Ann Cooke is one of our newer volunteers, although she and Bob have lived in the area for many years, it was reading about the cash equivalent of each hour a volunteer puts in that finally nudged her into action. She started shelf stacking and date checking, surprised at how many items she had no idea we stocked (and she has been shopping with us for many years)! Now she is tackling 'behind the counter', most of the time the customers are telling her what to do, where to find things and what to do next, but Kate is always on hand and would never leave a volunteer unsupported until they are totally confident of what they are doing. The biggest bonus for Ann is putting names to very familiar faces and having a chat and it's usually smiles all round.

£10 will buy you one share and you can buy as many as you like - see Kate for details.  You aren't going to make a killing on the stock market but you will be supporting our shop - run by the community for the community - and ensuring that it remains in the village.


 TWO VALUED CUSTOMERS ARE MOVING AWAY.....some thoughts from Rita Miller

Winsham Shop and Post Office has an unbroken history of 150 years of service...

Winsham Shop and Post Office has an unbroken history of 150 years of service to the people of Winsham. Over this period it has had many different proprietors, but now it is run by the village, for the village.

Good value, good range of merchandise, local produce and friendly service meets the needs of local residents, whether they are doing their weekly shop or just popping in for a convenience or an ‘emergency’ item.

Many commodity prices match those of the big Supermarkets as can be seen by clicking on the special offers below.

Open 68 hours, seven days a week, a tightly managed grocery and convenience store is a major asset to the community.

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