Winsham Village Calendar 2021
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The super Winsham Calendar will be available from Winsham Shop from the end of October, but only to people who have had the forethought to order between NOW and the 15th October.
The successful new approach, trialled last year, has been taken this year-the people of Winsham have selected many of the wonderful pictures being used, through the community Facebook pages.
One calendar costs £6, £10 for two (and £5 for each additional copy). In addition to brightening your home, the Winsham Calendar makes a lovely low-cost Christmas and New Year present for friends and family.
Ordering could not be easier-just put your name on the list in Winsham Shop-no need to pay, until you take delivery, which will be late October, early November.
Who benefits from the proceeds? Winsham Street Fair Committee has reached its fundraising needs for 2021, so the entire proceeds-after the costs of production-will be split equally between
Winsham United Charities, and the Winsham Recreational Trust. The former help the parish by providing small amounts of money to help with educational equipment or training for our children. Winsham Recreational Trust is charged with the management and improvement of the Upper Recreation Ground at Bakersfield.

Winsham Street Fair Committee thank the sponsors of the Calendar- without their help it would not be possible.

Winsham Street Fair Committee
Two important bulletins-21st August,2020:
  1.        Winsham Street Fair Committee Biennial General Meeting (‘BGM’ instead of ‘AGM’!)

Winsham Street Fair Committee would usually hold its biennial General Meeting open to everyone in Winsham Parish a few months after the Street Fair. The General Meeting is the opportunity to report on how the biennial Street Fair has gone, invite new people to join the Committee and elect the officers for the next two years until the next Street Fair. Because of Covid-19 and having to postpone this year's Street Fair to 2021, the Committee won't be holding its General Meeting this year either. But we'd love to invite anyone who'd like to be on the Winsham Street Fair Committee to still contact us. So if you'd like to join us then please let us know, either by emailing or calling our Chair, Alison Llewyllen, on tel 30071.

And if you don't feel you can commit to being on the Committee then don't worry, we always need volunteers to help us with the actual Street Fair so there are lots of other opportunities to get involved!

  1. 2021 Winsham Village Calendar

Work on the ever popular Winsham Village Calendar has started for 2021. A pre-order form will be available from 1st September in Winsham Shop for people to add their name, phone number and quantity they wish to order. We’re delighted to say that pricing remains the same as last year (£6 for one, £5 for two or more) and we’re hoping that the calendar will be ready for distribution by mid to late October, when payment is on collection from the Shop. Nearly all of our sponsors are lined up again and we have some great photos which the Committee will be selecting this year due to voting being difficult for those who aren’t on the internet. We’re just in the process of contacting other village organisations to see if they would like any important 2021 event dates pre-printed in the calendar (subject, as we all now accept, to the vagaries of government guidelines and Covid-19!). The big difference this year is that the proceeds from calendar sales will be shared between two other village charities (Winsham United Charities and Winsham Recreational Trust) because Street Fair Committee has already raised sufficient funds for the 2021 Street Fair. If we can achieve the same support and level of calendar sales as we did last year then this should result in at least £150 for each one, so please get your orders in!

2020 Winsham Street Fair postponed by a year

Winsham Street Fair Committee has made the difficult decision, in light of recent government announcements and restrictions about Covid-19, to postpone this year’s Street Fair to next year.

It’s disappointing, but the current situation is changing daily and there’s no guarantee that it will improve in time for the 27th June. By postponing now, we also avoid incurring costs that we would not be able to get back nearer the time, so all your generous contributions to funds raised are safe and will be carried over to next year. We’ve contacted partners, stallholders and entertainers and have asked them instead to put the date of Saturday 26th June 2021 into their calendars, because things should surely be back to normal by then?! Any queries or questions, please contact us on


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Winsham Street Fair is a biennial event dating, in its present form from the mid-1980s. It has it's roots in the Charter given to the parish by Henry the Third in 1262, to run during the last three days of June each year. In the 21st century it follows the end of June date, and is a biennial event lasting one day.
It remains similar to the original thirteenth century event in that gives an opportunity for the parish to gather for a social event, with plenty of refreshments available, entertainment, and the opportunity to pick up a bargain form one of the many stalls manned  by vendors and craftsmen and women.
Organisation of the one day event fills the two years between, which involve all sorts of fund raising events needed to bring the event together.

Find out more about the Winsham Street Fair since 1985, and view dozens of pictures visit Winsham Web Museum.
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