Revisions to the Jubilee Hall's Constitution

 Over the last twelve months or so, the Jubilee Hall Management

 Committee has taken steps to up-date its Constitution. The original

 dated from 1965, and village organisations have changed a great deal

 since then, many disappearing.  The manner in which more recently

 established clubs and interest groups who hire the hall organise

 themselves has also changed-they tend to be less formal in the way

 they  manage themselves. In turn this has made it increasingly difficult   

 for the  Jubilee Hall to attract eligible people to stand for election to the

 Management Committee. To overcome this difficulty, and with

 unanimous agreement of the existing committee, it was agreed that the

 Constitution should be changed , allowing  the proportion of Elected

 Members relative to Representative Members ( people nominated by

 major hirers and detailed in the original Constitution) to increase. The

 arrangement that now stands is that the Committee should have twelve

 members-eight parish elected members known as Elected Members,

 voted for by residents, and four members representing named village

 organisations-these are known as Representative Members. Co-opted

 members may be used to achieve the full committee of twelve.

 In making such as important change Jubilee Hall Management

 Committee sought guidance from the Community Council for Somerset

 and the Charity Commissioners  and  received valuable advice. All the

 latter’s requirements have been fulfilled.

 A few further changes were also introduced to recognise accepted

 modern practice. For example, the age of residents eligible to vote has

 been reduced from twenty-one to eighteen.

J.S.S. 1st March 2023




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