Many thanks to all of you who support this fund raising effort.. 2019 has turned out to be a record breaking year, with 200 tickets being issued. As a result the prize structure is being improved , and details of this will be published shortly' Watch this page for details.
Below are the details of the Draws for January, February and March.


Bryan & Sandy

The lucky Prize winners for the latest quarter are shown below:

All winners have been notified.

Jubilee Hall Lottery winners for the first quarter of 2019 are as follows:


1st prize 25                                    Jean Peacock                                
nd prize 10                         
         Alexandra Millar

3rd prize Extra number 249          Carl Earl    



1st prize 25                           Martin Holloway                                 

2nd prize 10                                   Piers Millar

3rd prize Extra number250    Peter & Mary Pye        



1st prize 25                                   James Thomas

2nd prize 10                                  E.S. Conachie

3rd prize Extra number 251                  E.S. Conachie        

Thank you for your support



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